Last supported software releases on ASA hardware

by Oliver Kaiser

It is time to say goodbye to ASA 5500-X series hardware appliances. After making 6.2.3 the last supported Firepower Threat Defense software release for ASA 5506-X, Cisco announced that Firepower 6.6 will be last major software release for existing ASA 5500-X hardware.

It comes at no surprise that support for new software releases is ending, as all ASA 5500-X appliances are slowly approaching their End-of-Life with 2026 being the last year in which hardware support will be available for this battle tested series of Firewall appliances.

To check what the last supported software release will be on your ASA firewall check the following table:

ASA 55059.2N/AN/A
ASA 5506-X9.
ASA 5508-X9.167.07.0
ASA 5512-X9.
ASA 5515-X9.126.46.4
ASA 5516-X9.167.07.0
ASA 5525-X9.146.66.6
ASA 5545-X9.146.66.6
ASA 5555-X9.146.66.6
ASA 5585-X9.126.4N/A
Last supported software releases on ASA 5500-X

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